Close The Deal


You're on the path to creating your own custom sales script to close more deals.

Want the exact formula I used to close more than $600 Million in sales?

Are you a coach, consultant or professional service provider who’s struggling to sell and hear more Yes’es than No’s??

Do you keep hearing “I can’t afford it” or “I need to think about it” and have no idea how to follow or or when?

Maybe you’re starting to question the value of what you do and who you do it for?   

In this Self-study workshop you’ll find out how to…

  • Finally stand out as an expert & build know-like-trust that gets people throwing their credit cards at you!
  • Understand exactly what your peeps are buying so price is no longer an issue! (**hint: it’s not what you might be saying right now!)
  • Follow up like a pro when your potential clients actually need some time, so you never have to convince or chase people who ghost you
  • Plus so much more!

Clients have paid 5 figures to have me help them with what I’ve condensed into this jam-packed workshop. 

Hundreds of high achieving, ambitious entrepreneurs paid upwards of $1500 to have me teach this exact strategy at a live event.  

Then I had hundreds more who couldn’t attend request an encore, so did another training.

People have walked away and CLOSED MORE DEALS immediately after implementing what they learned.

🙌🏼 It works…

Without any sleazy tactics, “convincing” people to buy, or complicated proposals you spend hours to create only to hear crickets.

Find out exactly what you’re doing that’s making your hot prospects go running for the hills during sales conversations instead of leaning in, eager for more and wondering how they can pay to work with you!

Normally you’d have to invest 4 figures+ to get an hour of my time, so this workshop is a steal of a deal and my way of serving more people who want to sell in full integrity. And because I hope the value you receive in this self-study training is so immense that you’ll consider working with me in another way. 🤗

My big bold promise to you??

You’re going to walk away with a high converting sample script…

More importantly, you’re going to understand how to use that script and make it your very own.

No more…

  • Pushy or sleazy strategies
  • Not sounding like yourself in order to close more deals
  • Feeling desperate & convincing people to work with you!

This workshop will help you close more deals! On average my clients double their conversions or closings.

All for $97