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The ultimate selling machine even if you’re selling high ticket or low ticket offers on clubhouse

Imagine signing new clients paying
4-5 figures while in your pj’s! 



You may be wondering what’s all the hype with Clubhouse?

The hottest audio only social media app that has blown up in the last year and recently been valued at over a BILLION DOLLARS! 🤯


Cuz there’s a lot of users who have flocked to the app driving up demand and value for Clubhouse.

What this means for businesses like you and me, is there is a booming opportunity that you can cash in on now!

The last 3 months, my business has… 

  • Doubled my leads
  • Additional 6 figure revenue to my company
  • Increased the number of paying clients by 50%+ 

And it’s by following my simple 3 step sales strategy that I want to share with you today.

The best part about what I teach is it works no matter how many followers you have.

Because even though I have 7400 followers today, I was getting these kinds of results even with less than 2000 followers…

So can you!

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get in my Clubhouse Sales Strategy Program:


EXACTLY what it takes to stand out from the crowd and become magnetic to your ideal client so you can attract only your dreamiest clients who are excited to work with you. 

  • The exact framework to follow so you get followers who deeply resonate with how you can help them so they’re pre-qualified and pre-framed to say YES! 
  • Essentials your bio MUST HAVE to position you as the go to expert that gets your inbox DM’s blowing up when you speak in rooms, with ideal clients asking how to work with you!
  • Why the length of your bio IS NOT the most important thing to consider and what most experts are actually getting wrong 

PLUS: I’m going to give you real life examples of what NOT to do that repels clients, influencers and collaborators from following you.


Even if you’re not sure what to talk about or are nervous as heck to step out onto that virtual stage, my simple 5 step story framework will get you standing out and connecting with ideal clients and other influencers who want to collaborate with you.


  • Seeing DM after DM requesting you to speak on podcasts, events and to host Clubhouse rooms
  • Having messages from potential clients telling you how impactful your story is and wondering how to work with you?
  • Getting PR and media opportunities through the power of your testimony

You’ll find out why you don’t need more time to create more impact and how 3 minutes is enough when you know the EXACT things that matter most to you and your ideal clients.

AAAANNND this works even if you’re speaking in someone else’s room, without being a Spammy McPitcherson. 


The non-sleazy way to connect and create opportunities for conversations that actually convert to sales, both low ticket and high ticket! No pitch fest tactics required. This elegant way to be of service and make sales at the same time is seamless for experts who create huge results and transformation for clients. {Hint: that’s YOU!}

  • How to pick the right offer for high ticket clients for effortless “YES!” so you can book more clients or fill your programs and services
  • My exact low tech system to make it super simple to follow up with all those DM’s without getting overwhelmed or leaving opportunities on the table cuz you can’t keep track! {I know, good problem to have ;) - ask me how I know 🙈}
  • How the right calls to action can make your paypal notifications go off like cha-ching instead of dreaded crickets 

Oh, and in case you think you have to be a tech genius for funnels and it’s why you’ve avoided them. You don’t.

But you 100% need to have a funnel AKA customer journey or path that takes someone from interested to HELL YES! Ready to buy. I’ll show you how no matter what you’re selling, but especially if you’re selling high ticket. 


BONUS 1 - Your High Converting Clubhouse Traffic Page Value $97
Create your own Clubhouse page for all the new followers you’re gonna get! Use my exact template (100% free!), including the EXACT calls to action you need to include to actually get conversions.

BONUS 2 - Clubhouse Rooms 101 Value $37
How to host your first room and what topic will bring ideal clients flocking to you like bees to honey. You’ll get an over-the-shoulder tutorial walking you through on the exact steps you follow to set up your first room from scheduling to creating to actually starting it. I gotchu covered!

BONUS 3- Streamlined Follow Up System Value $27
Your very own fill in the blank follow up system so those red hot leads and DM’s don’t disappear into your inbox like a black hole. My plus and play template will help you follow up like a rock star and know who is ready to buy so you don’t leave opportunities on the table as you sift through 100s of incoming direct messages. You’re welcome! ;) 

Now you may be wondering… 

What’s the catch??
Why is the price so low?

I got an early advantage in jumping on Clubhouse and seeing accelerated momentum to grow my business (although funny story, I actually joined Clubhouse to find like-minded people who I could share my faith and spirituality with #thankyouJesus 😂🙏🏼).

My hope is that you get results and a ton of value from this program. And that you’ll want to keep working with me in some way, or recommend me to others in your community that might need my help.

I believe in abundance and this is my way of paying it forward. <3

The typical investment to work with me is 5 figures+ and I wanted this program to be priced so you couldn’t use money as an excuse why you couldn’t get good quality expertise and help to grow your business.

If you have any questions at all, email me [email protected] or text me on my community text line 310-356-3729.

This offer is only available on this page at this price and I want to make sure it’s the right fit for you!


If you don’t know who you help or what you do for them, with at least an idea for your product or service, this isn’t the best program for you. But if you have helped someone before, even for free and know what you’d like to offer or have an existing product, service or course, this will help you use Clubhouse to find leads and make sales.

As long as you are selling to another human being, it doesn’t matter what your product, service or offer is. However, if your offer is complex and requires some kind of demonstration or walk through tutorial such as with software or some kinds of physical products (i.e. makeup), you may need to get creative and adjust the strategy to work best for your market and client base.

Let me know. I never want to hold clients hostage with a program that doesn’t meet their expectations. Send me an email [email protected] and we will get you taken care of no questions asked. What I will say is I expect if you’re reading this and this far on the page, if you make the commitment to do the work and push through the fear that might be showing up, I know you will see results! It’s happened for me and my clients who have been able to use the exact framework to get clients and collaborations from Clubhouse. Email us with any questions if you’re not sure and have more questions that haven’t been answered here.

As a busy mama of 2 managing my own chronic health conditions and now my newly diagnosed daughter’s issues, I totally get it! If you can give this entire system 1 hour a day, you will see results in less than 30 days, usually 2-3 weeks on average. The program itself will take you less than a weekend from start to finish to learn. Then the implementation will come with about an hour a day for you to build momentum.

Great question! This program is self-study, but I stand by every program I create and if you ever get stuck, I’m an email away because i want you to get results. That being said, I can’t provide direct feedback on each and every part of what I teach because that wouldn’t be fair to my high level clients who pay for that kind of access, right? But if I haven’t been clear in how I explained something or can better teach a specific lesson, I update and clarify based on your questions and feedback. So don’t be afraid to ask and share.

For as long as we are making this offer available you’ll have access and if we are archiving this from our library, you will be given notice so you can download the materials for lifetime access however you want to keep it. Right now, this program is being finalized and scheduled to be uploaded into your private student portal by April 2 2021. 

Nope! Clubhouse is a free access app as long as you already have wifi or data to connect, everything else I teach won’t require you to pay for anything on top of that. I will recommend tools that help with automation that may include small fees, but these are absolutely not required to implement the 3 step sales system I am teaching.

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